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Base Prices

Terms of Service


• Paypal invoice only (for Brazilians Bank Transfer/Deposit/ or PagSeguro is available).
• Payment is upfront.


• All prices are in USD (United States Dollar).
• The value for additional characters will be discussed after sending the Commission Form.
• A Background will add half or more of the base price of the commission depending on the complexity.
• Extra fees may be charged in the case of complex character designs or expedited completion.


• After payment, you'll enter in a queue. Commissions are completed in the order of payment.
• Sketch approval is included. If there is something you want adjusted, please tell me during the sketch stage.
• I can change only a few times some minor details after the sketch approval.


• I'll do: Humans, Anthros, Animals, Monsters, Plants and other creatures, Nudity, Moderate gore/violence, Some drug use.
• I'll NOT do: Offensive or discriminatory themes, Fetishes and similar subjects, Porn (maybe in the future).
• I retain the right to decline a commission for any reason.
• I retain the right to artistic expression and the limits of personal style when depicting characters and their designs.
• Everything I draw can be used by me to promote myself.
• You may request for your commission to be anonymous or private for a limited time (ex: surprise gifts).
• If you want something different from the options offered we can discuss about it.

This Terms of Service is subject to change without notice. Last updated July 25, 2019.

Commission Form

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